Photostory Instructions (You may work with a partner)
  1. Research Internet Safety using the guidelines below to answer essential questions.
  2. Create a folder on the desktop.
  3. Save 8 to 10 pictures related to Internet Safety into this folder on the desktop.
  4. Import the pictures into Photostory.
  5. Storyboard the pictures with the information that you found to create your script.
  6. Organize your photographs and narrate your project.
  7. Save your Photostory project, then save your movie to the jump drive.

Sample Research Questions:
Essential Questions:
  1. What is Internet Safety?
  2. How can students stay safe and protect themselves online?
  3. What are the risks of being online?
  4. What can I do to make a difference?
  5. What are some basic safety tips for teens?
  6. What is cyberbullying? Digital citizenship? Sexting?

Vocabulary: (Use these words or phrases as keywords in your research)
Internet Safety
Cyber bullying
Online Privacy
Social networking
Online Gaming
Sexting – consequences, laws in Arkansas
Internet Safety Tips

Teen Pledge for Being Smart Online